Rare wines, wines of superior quality, and difficult to access, are usually limited editions, or of reduced production. Being able to guarantee the export of some of these wines, even if it is one or two bottles, would be very good.

Rare Wines

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Cavalo Maluco

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Cavalo Maluco (Crazy Horse) was a great Sioux chieftain who resisted
the occupation and destruction of his people’s land and culture by the
American Pioneers. Even after his capture he always remained true to
his beliefs and codes of honour.
A powerful and intense character, indomitable and irreverent but also
sensitive and gracious like the wine which now takes his name. A wine
which is a force of nature and pays homage to all the “Crazy Horses”
of this world who, passionate and fearless, think for themselves and
tread their own path – who have a passion for distinction.
Consequently, and also to underline its distinctive character, each year
Cavalo Maluco will be dedicated to a personality who identifies with
the spirit of the wine (with their initials on the label).

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