Olive Oil

Virgin and Virgin extra Olive Oil

Olive oil is flavor that does not forget, intensity that is sought. It is spicy passion of pleasure and source of renewed well-being and health.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

top quality olive oil, with intense flavour and smell of healthy olives. It poses no organometallic defect. Acidity equal to or less than 0.8%. Suitable for direct consumption and ideal to season raw. The extra virgin olive oil smoother taste are ideal for flavouring foods, and salads with milder taste, as well as confectionery. On the other hand, the extra virgin olive more intense flavour will better with more marked taste of food and may be used for the manufacture of some sauces.

Virgin Olive Oil

Oil of good quality, with taste and smell of olive sound. Acidity equal to or less than 2%. Suitable for direct consumption and suitable for roasts, soups, stews and marinades.

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