The sustainable Portuguese forest Cork

The sustainable Portuguese forest Cork

Cork, and products based on it, to have reinvented year after year, and there has resulted increasingly added value. And since the most craft applications to more technological.
The Alentejo, due to extensive fitted, has a leading role in this sector and gains importance because it is here, precisely, which is the largest area of ​​cork trees, representing 84 percent of the national total.
“The cork oak settled in southern Europe and northern Africa, there are now 10,000 years. It was here that the species met the climate and soil that best allowed its development. It was a choice of nature and Portugal took advantage of this added value. We have, in fact, optimal conditions for their development and growth of a quality cork.

We represent some producers and manufacturers, the products we normally export are:

Pile of Cork, Cork board Isolations, Cork design objects, Stopper Bottler, Cork Fabrics. 

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