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The traveler

The traveler is a bridge with three pillars, suppliers, the port of Sines, and the rest of the world.
We created The traveler, by the mere fact that the quality of our products in the Alentejo, are grow the number of producers and the quality of the products.


Our mission is to seek the best of the Portuguese market.
Cork, wine, olive oil and brandy Arbutus, and present to international market..
It is our speciality.

Sines Port

The port of Sines is the first largest artificial port of Portugal, and a deep water port, natural funds to -28 m ZH, with specialized terminals that allow the movement of different types of goods. Besides being the main port on the Atlantic coast of Portugal due to its geophysical characteristics, it is the main port of energy supply input Portugal: container, natural gas, coal, oil and oil products.



After successive years of records, 2016 marks a new stage in the Port of Sines, with a record of more than 51 million tones, corresponding to a growth of 16% in 2016.

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Created by man, the Montado, is a very particular ecosystem, consisting of cork oak forests of very delicate balance that only exist in the southern regions of the Iberian Peninsula. In Portugal, the country with the largest expanse of cork oaks in the world (33% of World-wide), the montado is legally protected, being prohibited its slaughter and encouraged its exploitation, transforming Portugal as the main world exporter of cork and in the manufacture of corks.


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Agricultural income increased at a rate of 3.5% per year in Portugal and 2.2% per annum in the European Union, with one of the highest rates in all member countries. During the whole period there was a cumulative increase of 48% in Portugal and 21.6% in Europe of 15, in 2016.

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